We are an

9in10 is a partner investigation service designed to allow you to take control of your relationship and banish the anxiety associated with infidelity. We operate as an alternative to hiring the costly services of a private investigator. If you suspect that your partner is having a relationship with somebody else then more than likely the other person they are seeing  is probably also suspicious too, particularly if they have been kept in the dark.  9in10 allows the two of you to connect and verify if your partner has been seeing two people or more people at the same time.

How it Works

This gives us some basic but confidential information about you, which is in compliance with the data protection act.You will need to provide an email address so that we can contact you when a match occurs. You also need to provide contacts details that other members can use to be able to get in contact with you if there is a match.

Remember: it is these contact details which will be automatically sent to other member(s).

Agree that you have read and accept the term and conditions which are available to read on the legal section of the site.


Enter up to five phone numbers (mobiles, work and phone numbers, pagers) for your partner. These can be landline, work or mobile contact numbers for your partner.


If one of your partners number matches a number that another user has entered, you have a match


You will then be exchanged details with the match, so you can question your partners infedelity.